What Is The Right Way To Improve WordPress SEO?

WordPress is an SEO (search engine optimization) friendly and SEO optimized content management system and blogging platform. There are still a number of ways in which you can improve the onsite SEO characteristics of your word press website. SEO of a standard wordpress installation will be improved by making a few tweaks. This is the easiest way to do this is by installing wordpress SEO plugging that will make it easy to make changes without editing any code. The first key changes are easy to make in word press itself.


Yoast’s word press SEO plugin:

Install and configure the fantastic plugin. WordPress SEO is actually a combination of some plugins as well as some new functionality. This will allow you to specify HTML titles and Meta description for your posts.

Urban Giraffe’s redirection plugin:

This plugin is used to manage your 310 redirects and that will keep track of your 404 errors. This is to maintain the URLs that were first indexed by the search engines and then retain the page rank. 404 errors can spell disaster for a webmaster and keep close track.

Include category:

This is to take advantage of the additional search engine. Some plugin will not include this functionality that includes the following piece of code into the top of your category. This is to edit each of your categories the word press administrative interface to have a keyword description. This gives your readers a better idea of what your category but it also informs the search engines.

The right way to improve your word press SEO:

There are two aspects to improving your word press SEO. The first is configuring the word press by using inbuilt settings and word press SEO plugins to gain the maximum SEO benefit from the platform. Then ensure your content you have to properly optimize that the search engines understand that it is highly relevant to the keywords.

The first key changes are easy to make in word press itself. Configuration is the best-known word press SEO plugin and for good reason. It will help your word press SEO in many ways by giving you the others. It is best to write the description rather than allow it to be auto generated by the plugin.

You can add word press SEO plugins for example:

  • You have to shorten your URL by removing unnecessary words
  • Cache the posts to speed up page loading
  • Add the internal links automatically
  • There will be no followed external links

Content optimization:

This will help to maximize the word press SEO and it is important to emphasize the important task to ensure that the content is properly searched engine.

  • By using the keyword in the title and header tags at a reasonable density
  • Have a link to other pages on the site
  • Have external links to authority sites

This is the best way to check this to use a word press SEO plugin that analyses your content.

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